last wills and testament

Have you made provisions for your family in the case of your death? Many people pass on without properly documenting what they would like done with their valuables and assets after they have gone on. Proper planning relieves undue pressure on family members in an already stressful time.

Wills are legally binding documents that allow you to voice your desires after you are no longer able to make them known. Thankfully, drafting your last will and testament does not require many steps or exorbitant costs. However, the more assets you have, the more important it is for you to seek legal advice about drafting your will.

I can help you document your wishes and make sure they are carried out as you have prescribed. For two decades, I have helped families protect what they have worked for by drafting wills that plainly articulate their wishes.

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Drafting Your Will

  • Clear Language—Leave no room for interpretation as it pertains to your assets, bank accounts, and life insurance policies. I will help you plainly describe how you want your estate handled.
  • Legal Witness —Drafting a will does not require an attorney, but using one will add credibility to the document and keep your wishes confidential.
  • Covers All the Bases—Fuire Family Law can help you identify areas you need to address. As years and assets fluctuate, it is a good habit to consult with your family lawyer to re-assess what should be included, and how it should be addressed.

Planning Your Will

It is never too early to begin drafting your will. In fact, the moment you begin to accrue wealth, assets, or life insurance policies, you should begin making your wishes known. As mentioned earlier, while you do not have to use an attorney to draft wills, it can help things run much smoother after you are gone, and it cuts down on miscommunication. If you are looking for a complete solution for your family law needs, Fuire Family Law is the solution.

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