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Guidance for Child Custody & Visitation in California

Most of our clients with child custody and child visitation issues are loving parents who want nothing more than what is best for their children. If you find yourself in an unfortunate divorce, discussing what you believe is best for the children is a very sensitive topic that must be argued carefully when involving your ex spouse. With 20 years of experience, our Calabasas child custody lawyer can provide effective and compassionate legal counsel for all matters related to child custody and visitation.

Fuire Family Law has guided many clients through difficult negotiations and judicial determinations of child custody and child visitation rights which usually come with unfortunate legal separations such as divorce. As a knowledgeable Calabasas child custody lawyer, you can rest assured that obtaining modifications or appealing rulings will result in your favor. We will discuss all legal options and pursue every avenue to ensure your children’s rights are protected.


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Understanding Child Custody Matters in California

It is extremely important for parents going through divorce to understand all types of child custody that are available to them. Judges may award custody of children in various ways based on the circumstances of each unique case.

Here are the two main types of custody:

  • Legal custody refers to the ability to make decisions concerning the health, education and welfare of a minor child.
  • A typical scenario is known as “joint legal custody” in which these decisions are shared by both parents, even though the children may physically reside with one parent (California Family Code § 3003).
  • Depending upon the uniqueness of the situation, “sole legal custody” may be required (California Family Code § 3006).
  • Physical custody refers to the physical living arrangement of a child.
  • In many family law cases, one parent will have primary physical custody. The child will reside with and is under one parent’s supervision most of the time (California Family Code § 3007) . In this particular case, the other parent will have visitation rights as agreed upon.
  • In the event that the child spends a significant amount of time between both parents’ homes, both parents are said to have joint physical custody(California Family Code § 3004).

As an experienced Calabasas child custody lawyer, specializing in all family law issues, we can fully explain your rights and work together to arrange a flexible and favorable custody agreement that serves the interests of the children as well as parents. We can help you negotiate around schooling, extracurricular activities, holidays, vacations, work schedules, weekend custody, and any other significant objections to a favorable agreement.

As an experienced Calabasas child custody lawyer, I have helped many people with their child custody and visitation issues. Contact us today at (818) 222-4900!